Fish Derby Rules


1. Current Nature Center, park, and concessionaire staff; volunteers and hosts; and any of their immediate families may not participate in the Fish Derby. The raffle is open to all.

2. Only individuals 4 years old or older, who have paid a registration fee and have a valid Fish Derby ID badge, are eligible to win. The ID badge must be worn in a visible location above the waist during Derby fishing hours.

 3. Participants must possess a valid California fishing license (except for those under 16 years of age) and follow all California Department of Fish and Game regulations. Participants must use sport fishing equipment. Commercial fishing devices are not permitted. Fishing in restricted areas will result in immediate disqualification.

​ 4.  The Fish Derby begins at 6 a.m. on TBD, and ends at 12 noon on TBD. Contestants must fish in Cachuma Lake during the tournament hours and may fish from shore at any time during the Derby including Saturday night. A flare will be fired to start the Derby on Saturday and to end the Derby on Sunday.

5. Each person registered in the Derby is eligible to win one of the donated door prizes exhibited in registration headquarters and must be present at the Sunday awards program to win.  A person need not be present to win the raffle prizes or the guaranteed cash prizes.

6. If the lake is closed due to high winds or other weather conditions, registrants may continue to fish from shore. Click here for current wind guidelines at Cachuma Lake.

7.  Fish Registration: Present your fish (caught in Cachuma Lake) along with your official Derby ID badge to the officials at the weigh-in station during the following hours: 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on TBD, and 6 a.m. to 12 noon on TBD. Gutted fish will not be accepted for judging or qualify for prizes.

8. Ties between fish of equal weight will be decided by the longest length.  Stomach contents are subject to examination.

9. Verification of fish awards will be made by Fish Derby officials, whose decisions will be final.